Half-Way: July 2, 1pm

I was awake last night, at midnight when the date changed from June 30 to July 1. (I was working on this web page, with pictures of Doug Wolven’s retirement party). In a sense, the beginning of July first brings the beginning of the second half of the calendar year, since it’s the beginning of the second six-month half of the year.

However the exact half-way point between January 1, 2007, 12:00am and January 1, 2008, 12:00am is actually tomorrow, July 2, at 1:00pm.

To show you why, let’s figure out when the half-way point of the week is:

Half Way through week

There are seven days in a week. To find the middle, divide 7 by 2, and you get 3.5. And 3.5 days into the week is actually after day 3, half-way into the 4th day, Wednesday.

If we look at a whole year, which has 365 days, the half-way point is 182.5, which is July 2. On leap years, with 366 days, the half-way point is a half-day later, which is July 3, 1:00am.

So… can anyone out there figure out why I claim the half-way point is 1:00pm instead of noon??

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  1. shaun Says:


    and it’s even purple, your favorite color! :)

  2. aaa Says:

    1:00 is actually 12:00

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