A drink with my Pi

I’m having a movie night at my house this weekend and inviting mostly Math majors from school, so we’re watching the movie “Pi”.

Pi Movie Cover

It’s a black-and-white movie about a slightly deranged mathematician who tries to find patterns in the digits of pi. Here’s what part of the invitation to the event says: “We will be having pie for dessert. Also: in order to gain entrance, you must recite the first 10 decimal places of pi from memory. (i.e. up to 3.1415926535). So… start memorizing, and I’ll see you Saturday night.”

Here’s a phrase that can help with memorizing (do you see how??):

How I need a drink, Starbucks of course,

After the heavy lectures involving complex variables.

We’ll also have a contest to see whose student ID number appears first in the digits of pi (Using http://www.angio.net/pi/piquery). And listen to Pi songs (the notes are determined by the digits of pi, see this site).

2 Responses to “A drink with my Pi”

  1. Brian Pedigo Says:

    3 = How
    1 = I
    4 = need
    1 = a
    5 = drink
    9 = Starbucks
    2 = of
    6 = course
    5 = After
    3 = the
    5 = heavy
    8 = lectures
    9 = involving
    7 = complex
    9 = variables


    Who came up with that memory device? That was clever.


  2. Poet Says:

    How I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the nasty hangover involving painful throbbing.

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