Finally a Digital Camera

I’ve wanted a digital camera for seven years. Or more. I can’t remember. Well, last week, I finally ordered one, and I got it in the mail yesterday. I ordered it from It’s a 10 megapixel camera for under $293. It has 4x optical zoom, a swivel LCD display, and uses 4 AA batteries. Also, it’s black. Here’s a picture, plus the first two pictures I took with it:

Camera First Pix

So far, I really like the camera. I’m glad I bought it. I should have bought a camera a long time ago. On the other hand, waiting allowed me to get a really nice camera for a good deal.

5 Responses to “Finally a Digital Camera”

  1. David Firestone Says:

    How’s it do on videos? 640×480 at 30fps? Does it let you record as storage permits or does it have artificial caps on video capture time?

  2. Dad, mlw Says:

    Gongrats on the camera. I’ve been thinking about a new one too. The 1.3mp Olympus that we got in Nov of 2000 is causing problems. I’d like something faster, that’s not so heavy and battery hungry. All the newer ones are better on that account. I’d also take some short movies. I’m mostly happy with the quality of my old 1.3mp, and love the 200kb size of it’s JPG images. I haven’t compared the Vivitar 5.0mp camera that Nathan left with us. I’ll see if it takes pics as good as our old one when it’s set on 1280×960. For some reason the Vivitar does not compress the JPG as much as the Olympus. The same size image is 600kb compared a an average of 200kb.

  3. Brian Pedigo Says:

    Nice! I got a Canon model kinda like yours (but 8 megapixel) for my birthday in November. I took the videos with it that you see on

    My videos have a high pitch squealing sound in the background. Does yours do that too?

  4. Charles Says:

    These Powershots just can’t do no wrong.

    Something that is always a great feature to me is an easy macro mode. How far away from the text was the lens when you took that close-up shot?

    Sony cameras have consistently been able to focus .3 inches from an object.
    Your Powershot A460 can focus just as close: Macro: 0.39 in

    Great camera. I’ll be excited to see more shots.

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