Flying over L.A.

Yesterday after church my friend Phil invited me to go flying with him. He has a late 1960′s Piper Cherokee 235, that he keeps at the Fullerton airport. I brought along Thomas, from Biola, who had never been in a small plane before. Here are some pictures:

Flying with Phil

We took of from Fullerton, flew down to the ocean by Long Beach, then went inland for a while. There were two sets of controls, so he let me try flying for a little while. That was a lot of fun. We went about 140 knots most of the time, and got up to about 4000 feet.

At one point, I referred to “going down” to a certain altitude. He quickly corrected me and said when flying, the correct term is “descending”. We don’t like to talk about “going down” in a plane. That means something else entirely :)

Phil heads up the Alice Water Project, the organization I helped make a web site for.

3 Responses to “Flying over L.A.”

  1. Heather Says:

    Sounds like a cool experience. Did you ever fly with Tim Howell back when he was working on his license? Anyway, I laughed at “going down.”

  2. Dan Says:

    Hah… Heather’s dirty.

    Oh, wait, maybe she was referring to the first line from Plato’s Republic… in which case, I guess I’m dirty.

  3. Daniel Peckham Says:

    Very cool. Katie and I had the chance to fly with a friend to Yucca Valley for a weekend trip to Joshua Tree. I posted photos from that fun weekend here.

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