Chinese Glorious History

A little while back, some friends and I went out to eat at an Asian restaurant in the area. They gave us chopsticks to eat with, and this is what it said on the wrapper:

Chopsticks Label

I love the way the translation turned out. Not perfect, but I get the idea. The wrapper also said this:

Chinese Writing

I asked my friend Ken in Hong Kong to translate, and he said this: “There are 4 Chinese characters on it and they mean different things. The first character is (fu), which means good fortune. The second one is (lu), meaning wealth. The third one is (shou), meaning long life. And the last one is (xi), which means happiness. I think traditionally Chinese would give their blessing to others by using the above words during Chinese New Year. They believe that these words will bring auspiciousness, and so some people would put these words on the walls or doors of their house.”

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