Happy New Year – Go Make a Backup

Happy New Year. I hope this year goes well for all of you.
At the end of the year, I usually spend part of a day archiving old email from the past year. I did some of that today, then I made a backup on a DVD-R. I recommend you do the same. Hopefully, 2007 will be free from technical disasters such as hard drive crashes and accidental deletions, but one way to minimize your loss is to make regular backups. These days, it’s easy to do. Just take 15 minutes to copy your most important folders onto a CD or DVD. Hopefully, you’ll never use your backup, but if you do need it, you’ll be really glad you have the backup.

Another thing I like to do is to list the entire contents of my hard drives every month or so, and save that listing. That helps me figure out where files went, if I miss something several months later. On a Windows computer, this is what I do:

cd c:\
dir /s > dirs-full-C-20070101.txt

The “dir /s” makes a directory listing of the hard drive, including all subdirectories. This listing is about 10 megabytes long. But it’s handy for finding files quickly, and I always back up theses lists, even if I don’t back up my whole hard drive.

So… sorry if that was a little technical. The main point of this post is:

Go make a backup of your computer. Now.

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