What’s UPDOG?


I saw this license plate when I was driving this afternoon. The guy driving drove too fast and threw trash out his window. I just have one question: What’s UPDOG?

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  1. Justin Says:


  2. charles Says:

    I always love telling this Story about Amy A… (Ryan’s wife) who had no clue what Updog was. Ryan told it like this:
    Ryan: It smells like Updog in here.
    Amy: Yeah? Gross.
    Ryan: Yeah.
    Amy: We should clean, then.
    Ryan: No, ahh! I mean, yeah- Updog. Wow.
    Amy: Where?
    Ryan: No, it smells like Updog.
    Amy: Really? We should clean it then.
    Ryan: Sigh!

    ha ha.

  3. hey_gluppy Says:

    it’s such a simple story yet very funny!
    i wish i could bump into the back of the
    car and then would say hi to that man…
    ‘hey, what’s updog?’


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