Happy New Year!

And Happy New Decade! It’s the morning of a brand new year. One of the first things I did this morning when I sat down at my desk is to write out “2010″ a whole bunch of times so that I’ll be used to writing it and won’t accidentally write “2009″ the rest of the month:


The only time I got a speeding ticket was in Arizona in January 1992, driving back to Biola in California, but the officer accidentally wrote January 1991 on the ticket (he didn’t do my little exercise, apparently). I thought maybe I could get out of the ticket because of that. Instead, I just decided that would be a good time to get a California driver’s license, so I’d still have a clean record. It worked. (I might be off a year on this story, I don’t remember exactly.)

I’m using the occasion of a new decade to change the way I do a couple things. I’m changing the way I read and archive all my email (don’t worry, none of my 271 addresses are changing, just the way I read them). I also did a full backup of all my data last night.

This decade: I hope to obtain a car, a PhD, and a house. My current car is 17 years old. I need a PhD, and it would be nice to buy a house.

So Happy New Year everyone! May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you this new decade.

(I know, I know some people say the decade doesn’t start until 2011. But that’s just because the first year was numbered 1 instead of 0. We have since discovered zero. Also, with all the Y2K drama 10 years ago, I think it’s okay to start counting our decades, centuries, and millennia on the zeros. Time magazine said the same thing last week.)

4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Mark Says:

    Matthew, what program are you now using to read your email? Surely you haven’t abandoned Eudora. If you did, then maybe I will too.

    BTW, congratulations on getting back to writing in your blog, after a hiatus between 3-nov and 25-dec. :-)

  2. Jake McDaniel Says:

    How did you do the shadow video effect?

  3. emifriend Says:

    Hiya Matthew,
    This blog reminded me of a first grader I once knew who got in trouble with his teacher for not writing his name on his paper. The next day he went to school having written his name on every page in all of his workbooks, and his paper pads ..so he would never forget again! I l loved the heart and mind in that and have never forgotten him.

  4. charles Says:

    I was moving files around, trying to consolidate my music files. I decided to delete my computer’s backup (computer was working fine) and..now my hard drive is clicking.

    I envy your massive backup drive. I’m curious how you are reading your email- would you update the post and let us know?

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