Airfare Ridiculousness

Tomorrow morning, I’m flying to Oklahoma City for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. It ended up being cheapest to buy two one-way flights. But the flight out there is sort of a ridiculous itinerary:


For those of you who don’t know Southern California, SNA and LAX are less than 40 miles apart – and my house is about 30 miles from each. But that’s what was cheapest, only $133.80, when buying just the LAX-OKC flight was something like $260 at the time.

I’ll also mention this flight tracking site: FlightAware. I like it because when you search, the flight number is in the URL, so you can send your specific flight to someone by just sending a link. For example, if you want to follow my flight from LAX to OKC, just click here: (opens in new tab or window)

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  1. eric O Says:

    hey matt, josie asked a great question. couldn’t you just show up at LAX for the third flight and save yourself some time?

  2. Liza Xu Says:

    I love reading your posts! Can’t believe you are another Californian too!

    was watching the video you made earlier — “2009 Halloween Class Video”, and I had to search more about you and your gifts/talents! thus, I found this site.

    God bless you and your blogs!

  3. Liza Xu Says:

    response or reply to this post — this shows computer does not do everything and lacks one thing God gave all of us, it’s called COMMON SENSE! :S

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