Fall has arrived

September Frost & /9/9/09

September Frost & /9/9/09

Fall has begun. School has been going for more than a week now. There was frost on the back window of my car this morning. And yesterday, it was 9/9/09. I took a picture of my watch at 9:09:09 a.m.

Two people sent me emails, reminding me of the date. My sister-in-law is 14 time zones ahead of me. She wrote, “i thought of you brother when i realized today is 9-9-9!!! :) … it seems like the kind of number thing u would notice! :)

And another friend put it more bluntly:

Hey, number nerd:


Heh heh,

By the way, I really like my watch. It shows the exact time because it resets itself every night using a radio signal. So I always know exactly what time it is. But that’s pretty common these days: everyone’s cell phones show the exact time.

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  1. charles Says:

    I love you matt! I still tell people about you and how you are interested in prime numbers.

    Seriously, I think the more people express themselves the better the world would be. (Well, ok- it would be better if they expressed the _good_ parts, er, ideas).

    I am stoked to know you.

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