An Evening in Cerritos

This afternoon I was restless. I had been in La Mirada all day, and I wanted to go out somewhere, but I didn’t know where to go. I decided to go see the Cerritos Public Library about six miles from my house. I had seen the outside and I had heard it’s a fairly recent building. It opened in 2002. I really liked the architecture I saw on the outside.

Cerritos Public Library

Cerritos Public Library

So this evening, I went there for a while, and I like the inside even better. It’s an amazing building. There are lots of windows, comfy chairs, an aquarium, a big computer lab, and a nice big conference hall on the top floor.

I spent some time writing on my laptop, then I read some of Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott. It’s about people who have grown up in a digital culture.

After I read it for a while I wandered upstairs to the “Skyline Room” where about a hundred people were listening to some old guy lecture. It turns out he was Leon Leyson, a holocaust survivor and a factory worker for Oskar Schindler. He told how Schindler had saved his life during the war. After the war, he ended up in the L.A. area and was a school teacher for 39 years. He said someone once introduced him as “Leon Leyson, who survived the holocaust and 39 years in L.A. Unified.”

So, it was a good evening. I plan to go back there sometime soon, and I’m going to keep an eye on the calendar for more interesting events.

I leave you with this video I found on YouTube, if you’d like to hear some of Leon’s story. (This video is of a different event, not the one I went to).

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  1. Heather M Says:

    We used to go to the Cerritos library quite a bit before we moved. It’s a really nice facility!

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