Week of My 38th Birthday

I’m coming to the end of one of my favorite weeks of the semester. I have been looking forward to the week for some time. First of all, it was Biola’s Easter Vacation. Second, I turned 38 on Thursday.

Easter Vacation

This image illustrates what all of the things that I had to do this week, it’s a screen shot of my Google calendar for the week:


That’s right, it’s empty! (Usually it’s full of things I have to do every day.) I didn’t have to teach, I didn’t have any meetings, appointments, or plans. I was free to do whatever I wanted. That’s a nice feeling.

I had thought of going on some adventure during the week because I love getting out of town. Santa Barbara, San Diego, Death Valley, Las Vegas, and Ensenada are all within reach of Southern California. So I had fun thinking up trips to go on. While I didn’t end up going anywhere, it’s the anticipation of something that’s the most fun part, so I still enjoyed having the time off and at least the possibility of going somewhere.

I found things to do around here. I went downtown L.A. for an afternoon on the train. I got caught up on taxes. And while I did go to work for a little bit each day to get a few things done, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time there. I went hiking, I went out to eat, watched a couple movies.

The best day of the week was Thursday. I turned 38 years old. Friends took me out to lunch and dinner (to Yard House and Amazon Brazilian BBQ). A handful of people came over that night to watch “The Office.” I served two of my favorite desserts – Mango flavored Mochi and Tiramisu cake from Trader Joe’s.

Thank you all for all of the birthday greetings: a call from my parents, IM from a brother, a couple emails from aunts and friends. A gift (homemade!), a card (handwritten!). A couple text messages. And LOTS of Facebook messages.

Since 38 is my favorite two-digit number, I spent last year telling people “I’m in my 38th year.” Now I’m telling people “I’m 38.” Also, the gift I got had eight parts to it. I counted the number of people who sent me greetings on Facebook. It was exactly 76 – that’s 38 doubled.

So thank-you all for helping me have a good Birthday week. Now it’s back to work for a couple of weeks before summers starts (four weeks, then finals week).

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  1. charles Says:

    Ha ha ha matt! You are awesome.

    I kept looking at your calendar to figure out where all the to-do items were… then I realized they were all gone.

    I’m glad you went up to LA. There is something about paying such a small amount and being transported in a system that I enjoy- I think you do too.

    You’ve made a neat impact in my life- I’ve always enjoyed spending time with you. I remember when I could come home and would always be stoked to see you sitting there on that hard, old brown chair in your room. :)

    I laughed when I saw how all the messages you received on facebook were your favorite number twice. I told Andrea and she laughed, too.

    You are a neat guy.

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