Shuffling Cards

Every time you shuffle a deck of playing cards, it’s likely that you have come up with an ordering of cards that has never before been seen in human history. Here’s a picture of a specific order of cards, from a deck I shuffled this afternoon:

Deck of Cards

Since there are about 8.0658X1068 different possible orders of cards, and since cards have been shuffled less than 1.546X1023 times in all of human history, it’s likely that this specific order has never been seen before. It’s also likely, that no matter how many times you try, you will not get that exact order of cards when you shuffle a deck. I wrote a web page with more specifics, see “Shuffling Cards“.

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  1. Fotos Says:

    A problem of probabilities.

    What is the number of pairs of the same-rank-cards that will most probably occur in a random shuffle? E.g in the above shuffle observe only one pair; the two J’s near the middle.

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