Internet Connection Speed – FIOS

Last week, we got a Verizon FIOS internet connection. It’s a fiber optic cable to the house. Here’s the speed we get:

Speakeasty Speed Test

Speakeasy Speed Test

Last time I wrote a post about this, it was almost two years ago and our download speed was 5474 kbps and the upload was 478 kbps – that was with Time Warner Cable.

We thought we were going to have to pay $10 or $11 more per month, but it turned out to be $2 less because I have a Verizon cell phone, and there’s a discount if you bundle it on one bill.

3 Responses to “Internet Connection Speed – FIOS”

  1. Dan Says:

    Shit! That’s blazing!

    Now I’m very jealous.

  2. josie O. Says:

    Sweet. I love me a good deal!

  3. Dick Martin Says:

    I hate you!!!! In our country location all we have is dial-up, 42K if we are lucky.

    April fools video was classic! How creative!

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