Found at the Biola ATM

I used an ATM at Biola this afternoon. The great thing about the ATMs on campus is that they also dispense $5 bills. So I frequently get amounts like $75 or $35, so that I don’t just have a wad of $20′s.

So, sometimes people leave their receipts at the ATM. Sometimes I take a peek – I suppose I’m curious if the random stranger has more money in their account than I do. Today I found what I think is my favorite ATM receipt of all time:

Receipt found at Biola

Receipt found at Biola

I have a credit union, so using this ATM is free, but not for this person. That’s a 50% markup for their withdrawal!

Okay, I’m getting distracted, I’m supposed to be packing. Adam and I leave for the airport in less than 12 hours – we’re flying to Minneapolis to see three of my former roommates.

My friend Rachel sent me this video – it shows what happens to boiling water in Minnesota when it’s really cold: (opens in new tab).

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  1. marty Says:

    Withdrawal=kids Thanks for the video, Gary was reminded of working outside on Sandusky bay in December 1970, brrrrrrr

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