ATM Fail

This afternoon, I attempted to use the ATM on campus to deposit a check:

  1. I inserted & removed my card
  2. I typed my PIN
  3. I chose my preferred language (English)
  4. I selected “Deposit”
  5. I entered an amount
  6. I inserted my check
  7. It scanned my check, showing me an image
  8. I verified the amount

Then, and only then did it give me an error: “Contact your issuer.” I realized I had accidentally used my Biola ID instead of my ATM card. I wish it had told me after step #1 above, rather than step #8.

By the way, I like the new non-envelope deposits. You insert cash and checks directly into the machine. And it even prints a little scan of the check so you can see who it’s from. Here’s the receipt I got.

Contact your issuer

Contact your issuer

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