Everything’s on Wikipedia

I like to put random, quirkly facts on my web page every once in a while. In the past couple years, I’ve made pages about interesting ideas or facts that I couldn’t find easily elsewhere. Recently, however, I’ve realized that Wikipedia now has better information about these topics than my pages.

Twice this month, I’ve had people leave comments on my web page mentioning Wikipedia: about my “Biggest Cities” page last week, and about my “Antipodes” page just today.

Biggest Cities

First: about my “Biggest Cities” page. A few years ago, I did a web search, trying to find a list of the biggest cities in the world, ranked in order. I couldn’t find any. I was amazed that search engines couldn’t find the answer for me. I eventually found a listing (which the search engines couldn’t find easily because it was in a database, and also it was labeled “urban conglomerations” rather that “cities”), and I published my own web page (See Page, Opens new window). This was back in 2002. This quickly became the #1 answer to a Google Query for biggest cities in the world. And it still is today:

Biggest Cities Google Search

(Try the Google search yourself Opens new window). Since I was getting so many hits on that page, I decided to try to make some money off of it, so I bought the domain biggest-cities.com, and posted a duplicate copy there, then published some Amazon.com affiliate links. I made about $40, I think, over the course of a couple years, but my original page still outranks my Biggest-Cities page.

And now, I find out that a better, more up-to-date answer is posted on Wikipedia (See page).


The same kind of thing is true for my web page on antipodes (places on the earth that are exactly opposite to each other). It was a fairly good page about this idea, but now a better page exists on Wikipedia (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipodes).

So the conclusion I come to is that if I want to write about strange, quirky ideas or interesting facts, maybe I should be making a Wikipedia page instead. I like the idea of Wikipedia anyway.

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  1. Brian Pedigo Says:

    This is completely off-topic, but we just got our first dog. His name is Pepe and he has a web page now too at http://pepethelabradoodle.blogspot.com

    Pepe is not on wikipedia yet. :)

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