A Day in Santa Barbara

Our friends Rick and Jennifer moved to Santa Barbara earlier this month. So yesterday Adam and I went up there to see them. Adam was on his way to a retreat at a nearby campground for the weekend, and I went along for the ride, and rode the train back that same day.

Odd Building Downtown

We saw this odd structure under construction. It’s right across the freeway from the downtown L.A. Catholic cathedral. I wonder what it is.

Highway 101
Highway 101 goes right along the coast.

We stopped by Rick and Jennifer’s apartment in Goleta, near UCSB (they moved there because Rick is starting grad school there next month). Then Rick, Adam and I went to State Street, downtown Santa Barbara for lunch.

Adam and Rick
Adam and Rick

Board Game shop

Rick showed us his favorite board game shop. When he asked the salesman (on right, speaks with a strong English accent) whether they sold card protectors, he said, “You’re a nerd. Nerd, nerd, nerd.”

Oh… and yes, they did sell them, and yes, Rick did buy them.

We walked all the way down to the beach:

By Peir
Adam, Rick, Matthew

Later, Jennifer got off work, and we went by another game shop, hung out in Starbucks for a while, then went to Borders.

Rick and Jennifer

Rick and Jennifer

Rick bought the game “Bang!” with all three expansion sets, which comes in a package that looks like a big bullet.

So Adam and I were glad to see that they’re enjoying their new town. Jennifer likes the new hospital where she works, has enough game shops to keep him busy until school starts, and they have a nice place to live.

Adam left to go camping, and Rick and Jennifer dropped me off at the Santa Barbara train station. I took a couple pictures from the train on the way back:

Out the window

Sunset from train

4 Responses to “A Day in Santa Barbara”

  1. Melanie Says:

    What a fun day!!
    How was the train ride back? How long did it take?

  2. gypsy Says:

    Wow, what a strange walk down memory lane you’ve provided me :) I grew up in Carpinteria, next to Santa Barbara, and taking the bus to State Street was one of my favorite (and only) things to do.

    I see you standing in front of Stearn’s Wharf in one photo. I crashed into it while ineptly attempting my first ride on a windsurfer. I provided quite a show for the tourists, especially when I had to be towed in to shore because I couldn’t figure out how to get turned around.

    Ah, the good old days.

  3. charles Says:

    I love the look on Adam’s face in the background while Rick is talking to the shopkeep. Pure excitement.

  4. Edward Says:

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