Zip Codes

While addressing a package I’m sending to my parents this morning, I started thinking about the ZIP codes where I’ve lived. Several of the places I’ve lived have a zip code ending in 37, 38, or 39:

Duncanville, Texas: 75137
Catalina, Arizona: mailing address in 85738, but now it’s 85739
La Mirada, California: 90638, but on campus it’s 90639

My favorite number is 38 (that’s where the name of this blog comes from), but I’ve never before noticed the last digits of all these ZIP codes. In fact, until this morning, I think I’ve always had the impression that the street I lived on in Duncanville (Sims Street) ran East-West, but it’s actually North-South. I haven’t been there since 4th grade, so I never really needed to know, I guess.

Zip Code Images

My favorite 5-digit number is 95938. And I never before thought to look that ZIP code up. It’s Durham, California (see Wikipedia article), a little place south of Chico, between Redding and Sacramento. Maybe one of these days I’ll go there.

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  1. Brent Says:

    If only numerology could unlock the meaning of Revelation.

    Matthew 9:38

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