Dan & Heather Visiting

This weekend our good friends Dan & Heather came to visit. Dan used to live here before they got married. Last night we invited some people over for dinner. Here are some pictures:

Lindsay and Heather
Lindsay and Heather. They were in each other’s weddings.

Joel, Jennifer and Rick
Joel, Jennifer, and Rick. Joel and Rick used to live here.

Brent Dan and Matthew
Brent, Dan, and Matt. Brent lives here, Dan used to.

Amanda and me.

Then this afternoon, Dan and Heather stopped by briefly to see Justin and Melanie, who just moved into their house.

Justin greeting Heather

Dan and Heather

Justin and Melanie
Justin and Melanie.

We all had a great time hanging out, and miss Dan and Heather living in Southern California.

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  1. Dan Yim Says:

    Thanks for taking these photos. They’re great.

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