Speed Racer Movie

I remember watching “The Matrix” when it came out during the spring of 1999.

Matrix Movie

It was unlike any movie I’d seen before. The special effects were amazing. And I remember thinking that it represented a new type of movie for the next century (it was only a few months before the year 2000).

Last night, I went downtown Hollywood and saw another movie by the same filmmakers (Andy & Larry Wachowski), “Speed Racer”:

Speed Racer 1

Next week, I’m a group of people to downtown Hollywood to see the new Narnia movie, “Prince Caspian”. So last night, exactly a week before, I went up there to check out traffic, parking, and my directions. I wanted to make sure I had everything straight before 12 cars and 50 people come with me next week. I met some students from Biola there (they wanted to try out taking the subway one-way), we ate dinner, went to Amoeba records, and decided to see “Speed Racer”.

Speed Racer 2

While I was watching the movie, I thought the same thing I did while watching “The Matrix”. I had never seen anything like it before. The computer graphics, the light, the color. Also, we watched it at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, which uses DLP digital projection and has an amazing sound system. That helped.

I’m referring to the images and visual feel to the movie. I’m not saying this was the best movie since “The Matrix”. The plot, acting, and dialog for “Speed Racer” was just okay (and stayed faithful to feel of the original series, according to my friend Lee).

Other movies have made good use of computer animation with live actors (e.g. “Lord of the Rings”), so that’s not what made this special. I think it was just the visual style. Maybe I’m like a crow: I like shiny objects, flashy colors, bright lights. It was fitting that we saw it in Hollywood. When we emerged from the theater, Hollywood Boulevard looked just like the movie: bright neon lights and traffic.

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