Art Walk at the Santiago Art District

Adam, Brent, and I went to the monthly “Art Walk at the Santiago Art District“. Our friend Charles lives in one of the Santiago Street lofts there. It’s an interesting part of town, adjacent to the Santa Ana train station. Each of the lofts has a little storefront/garage area, and last night, 17 of them had some kind of art show.

Art Gallery 1

We saw some pictures of downtown Tokyo:

Matthew Brent Adam

Then we got the idea to take pictures making it look like we were downtown Tokyo:

Tokyo Adam

Tokya Brent

Tokya Matthew

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  1. Señor Ben Dayhoe Says:

    I have to say that Adam sells his photo the best :)
    Hope you guys had a great time at the ArtWalk.

    Don’t forget to stop by next month.

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