Dinner Party

Last night a couple friends came over for dinner, sort of a last minute. Now that we have a nicer living room floor, it feels like it was more like a “dinner party” than a “BBQ at the bachelor pad”. Here are some pictures:

Melanie, Justin
Melanie and Justin. They live in our neighborhood, so they just walked over for dessert. They brought along their German Shepard who hung out in the back yard.

Jennifer and Rick Stoody
Rick and Jennifer. Rick used to live here.

Matthew Jennifer and Rick
Matthew, Jennifer, and Rick

Brent and Adam
Brent and Adam, after dinner.

Adam and Brent
After dessert, we played an Italian card game called Bang!. It was a lot of fun.

Studying Rules
Adam and Rick studying the rules.

Playing Game 2
Brent, Joel and Adam

Playing Game 1
Jennifer, Brent, and Joel. Brent was the Sheriff, Adam was his Deputy, Matthew was the renegade (“Renegato”, in Italian) Jennifer, Joel and Rick were the bad guys. They shot the Sheriff, and won.

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