Biola in the Spring

Recently, I have been noticing how green it is on campus (at Biola University, where I work). So today I took some pictures. The temperature has been perfect, not a cloud in the sky. Here are a couple of the pictures I took:

Bell Tower Biola

McNally Campus

For more pictures, see my web page: Spring at Biola.

And the temperature has been really nice, too. Here’s what the past 24 hours looked like:

Outside Temperature 080328
(Biola installed a little weather station on the top of the science building… you can see the live data at this page: files/Weather Data/).

Sunny and 70 degrees (21 C) – perfect weather. It was Easter Vacation on campus, so it seemed pretty deserted. I remember talking to my friend Dan during Christmas Vacation a couple years back. He said he wished the whole year were as deserted. “I like teaching, except for the students.” I don’t feel the same way, but I must say, it was nice to have plenty of parking all week:

Empty Lot
(That’s my car behind the tree)
My friend Ana lives in Canada. She sent a picture of her house:

Ana's House in Canada

Notice that the predominant color is something other than green.

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  1. Emmanuel Yahgart Says:

    this university interest me so it is my perfect desire to study here for my graduate program.

  2. Michael Templeton Says:

    If I give you credit, do I have your permission to use your bell tower picture at Biola?

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