Orange Line

Two days before Christmas, I went to L.A. to go ride the new Orange Line. (It’s not that new, I guess.)

Orange Line

It opened at the end of October, 2005, but I had never been on it. It’s kind of like a bus trying to act like a subway or light rail. The bus goes on a dedicated right-of-way, and you pay before boarding the bus. The signals are timed so the bus doesn’t have to wait long.

I drove downtown. Since it was Sunday, I parked for free on 8th & Hope, then took the subway to the end, in North Hollywood. Across the street from the subway is the East end of the Orange Line.
I took the Orange Line the whole way to the farthest point west. I got off at Warner Center, and went to the mall for a couple hours. It was the first time I had been inside a mall all Christmas Season.

I haven’t spent much time in “The Valley” – the northwestern part of LA which is in the San Fernando Valley. It was interesting to see, even if it was just from the window of a bus. I was surprised at how much open space and fields we went by.

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  1. Dan Says:

    How long was the ride on the Orange line?

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