All in a Row

The other day, I got some money out of the ATM machine on campus at Biola. It lets you choose amounts in increments of $5. I guess sometimes college students want to withdraw just $5. And I like getting $5 bills because they’re easier to spend.

The other day, I withdrew $55. I received eleven five dollar bills, all brand new, with their serial numbers all in a row.

Five Dollar Bills

I don’t know if I’ve ever had that many bills in a row before. When spending them each individually, I felt bad for splitting them up. (Well, kinda… not really).

Biola assigns every person an ID number. They assigned me a number at some point in 1989 when I applied as a student.

I discovered that there are three of us with ID numbers all in a row:

xxx68 – J.
xxx69 – K.
xxx70 – me

And all three of us are teaching at Biola this semester. And all three of us were born in the same month & year. In fact, J. and I were born on the same day.

3 Responses to “All in a Row”

  1. marty Says:

    Great to see you worked on your blog. How would you know about Kevin and Jenniefer? You amaze me Matthew. Happy Halloween.

  2. eric O Says:

    hmmm, sounds like more than a crazy coincidence to me. There must be some eschatological/apocolyptic funny business going on. how easy is it to get 666 out of your name or ID# combos?

  3. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday all year long!!!

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