Back from Two-Week Trip

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Early this morning, I got home from a two-week trip to Ohio and New England. Six of us from L.A. went to a small town an hour south of Cleveland for about four days for a friend’s wedding. Then they went home, and I went to a conference in Boston, then spent the weekend touring New England.

I’ll put a bunch of pictures on several pages of my web site eventually, but for now, here are a couple of my favorites from the first week:

California Crew
The six of us on the left are the California contingent of the wedding guests/participants. Andrew and Jill, on the right, are the bride & groom.

Getaway sparklers

Rick and Jennifer Stoody

Matthew and Adam

For a couple more pictures of my trip to New England, see which has pictures of the four state capitol buildings I saw. Can you guess the states?

Finally: I went farther East than I had ever been in my life on Saturday. Before then, I had never been farther East than 70 West longitude. When I saw the state capitol building of Maine, I went farther east than that:

Farthest point east

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