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The Sway of the Fake Restaurant

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

I recently finished reading “Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior.” It shows how people frequently base a lot of their decision making on irrational ideas. Stock investors chase a loss, consumers value a more expensive product just because it’s more expensive, and students stick with their first impressions of teachers despite contrary evidence. Carl’s [...]

Dan & Heather Visiting

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

This weekend our good friends Dan & Heather came to visit. Dan used to live here before they got married. Last night we invited some people over for dinner. Here are some pictures: Lindsay and Heather. They were in each other’s weddings. Joel, Jennifer, and Rick. Joel and Rick used to live here. Brent, Dan, [...]

Heard the voice of Google

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

The other day while I was driving, I called 1-800-GOOG-411, Google’s free telephone search engine (more info). A computer answers, not a real person. It answered, asked me which city and the name of the business. I said it, and it got it right, then offered to connect me for free. Pretty cool. I’ve used [...]

Four ways to watch TV

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

At our house, we have recently experienced two new ways to watch TV shows on a TV set in the living room. Here’s the list, starting with the oldest way: (1) Standard Definition broadcast. This is the way people have been watching TV for 50+ years. Nothing much has changed since the advent of color [...]