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Art Walk at the Santiago Art District

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Adam, Brent, and I went to the monthly “Art Walk at the Santiago Art District“. Our friend Charles lives in one of the Santiago Street lofts there. It’s an interesting part of town, adjacent to the Santa Ana train station. Each of the lofts has a little storefront/garage area, and last night, 17 of them [...]

Birthday Dinner

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

The day after my birthday, we went out to eat at Karuta, a Japanese restaurant in Buena Park. Here are a few pictures: Matthew, Joel, and Charles Adam, Brent, and Rick One of the rolls of sushi we ordered came wrapped in tin foil, and on fire.

Starting my 38th year

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Today I turned 37 years old. But my favorite 2-digit number is 38 (as you can tell from the name of this blog). And 37 is my least-favorite number. I remember wondering ten years ago whether age 37 would be a bad year for me, and 38 would be a good year, just because I [...]

Dinner Party

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Last night a couple friends came over for dinner, sort of a last minute. Now that we have a nicer living room floor, it feels like it was more like a “dinner party” than a “BBQ at the bachelor pad”. Here are some pictures: Melanie and Justin. They live in our neighborhood, so they just [...]